ten photobooks from 2014

Monsters & Madonnas

It is that time of year again. Here are ten photobooks that I have in some way found to be interesting, unusual and inspirational. There are many other great photobooks that are not included here. There are even some photobooks from 2014 that I have not even seen yet. But these are ten photobooks I like and I share them with you.

Tranquility – Heikki Kaski
[Lecturis. Amsterdam, 2014]
Heikki Kaski (Finland) discovers the locals (800 inhabitants) and also the extreme heat in the small American town of Tranquility. What is Tranquility? Where is Tranquility? Why? How? Tranquility is located in the San Joaquin Valley, California and is essentially in the middle of nowhere. Heikki explores the empty-lots, the run-down buildings, the gnarled trees, the wide landscapes with birds flying overhead and to a lesser extent the shy and retiring natives. This is a great book designed by Heikki Kaski…

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